About Us

About Us
  • A learning centre’s best friend

    EngagePlus is an all in one management system for learning centres. We are focused on providing education businesses with viable and modern solutions.

  • Our solutions help simplify

    EngagePlus helps to simplify, automate & grow a learning centre. Our strong focus allows us to provide our clients with features that have been designed specifically for the learning centre industry.

About Us
  • Happier parents = Higher retention

    Centres were able to reallocate resources to improve their overall customer experience which translated to happier parents and higher retention.

  • Higher quality teachers

    Teachers who doubled up as admins could now focus on teaching students who in turn started reporting higher marks & satisfaction.

  • Properly track make up lessons

    Centres were similarly increasing revenue now that they could properly track make up lessons.

About Us
  • Learning centers all around Asia

    EngagePlus strives to roll out across all learning centres in Asia.

  • Education Centres

    We pride ourselves in truly taking the time to work with learning centres & education centres alike, with all of our features designed specifically to help them increase revenues & efficiencies.