Do You Own a School and Don’t Want To Do Anything With Technology?

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Well, there’s something you need to know: if you don’t do technology, technology will do you. I don’t mean only from the educational perspective. You may think you can have your teachers and tutors using technology to educate your students but that you don’t need to go too technological when it comes to managing your school. Well, you’re wrong.

You see, poorly managed schools and learning centers become outdated and have their operations as businesses and educational institutions threatened by poor processes and inefficient management. Thinking that you’re saving by sticking to old management approaches that you’re familiar with ends up being more expensive not only because you can’t optimize and rationalize your resources but also because your modern and tech-powered competitors will quickly absorb your students.

As a fintech entrepreneur who has also become an edtech problem-solver, I can assure you that you need to reassess your views. Where conventional banks were failing to streamline transactions and make them affordable, blockchain technology made them simple, instant, absurdly cheap or free, and private. While governments gladly kept devaluing people’s savings assuming they’d have no trouble, cryptocurrencies created private money that can’t be devalued and that depends on no government. I’ve seen it with my own eyes in my past work in banking and then in the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds.

I am now in the edtech world and through EngagePlus I am working hard to allow education entrepreneurs to have easy and affordable access to cutting-edge management tools to keep their learning centers relevant. So embrace technology, welcome the many efficiency gains it can bring into your school, and leverage its power to keep your learning center ahead instead of letting it become irrelevant and obsolete. It’s easy, and EngagePlus is here to make it even easier for you.


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