Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a child who didn’t show up today for class. What do I do in Engage?

    You would simply go into the lessons tab and click on absence. Every previously absent child will now be marked “Unassigned”. You then have the option of assigning them a make up lesson, not assigning them a make up lesson or simply just adding them into an already existing lesson!

  • Click on the Payments tab. Filter by what you need (unpaid invoices etc) and then click on the ‘manage’ button to simply send to ALL clients in one go. Alternatively, you can download everything in one go and print for robust record keeping!

  • Engage partners with top tier party data centre providers in Hong Kong to ensure we have the highest quality of security.

  • Absolutely. We work with plenty of education centres to help them transform their data into easily understandable metrics. We also have an option for centres to do it themselves. By clicking on the student’s tab, on the top right we have an option to upload. Download instructions are provided for clarity, and if you’re still having issues, simply contact us and we’ll help you through it!

  • The learning centre owner is able to set permissions.

  • Yes. By clicking on the students tab and into particular student subsets, there is a sub tab of absence you can click into for further information. Similarly, admins and teachers are synced up over live roll call as when a class is live, attendance can be instantly tracked.

  • Yes, each lesson and teacher have additional field tag lines to correctly tag them to your multiple branches.

  • Yes! Engage has templated reports specifically designed for learning centre owners.

  • No. Engage is not yet able to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool to reach your clients. We only provide email notifications at this stage however we’re working with WhatsApp APIs to ensure this a future feature!

  • Absolutely. For clients who signed up for our EngagePlus package and higher, they will get added to a private WhatsApp Group where we will be able to quickly answer personal questions in real time.

  • Yes. We make it a point to hand hold our clients through the whole process to ensure they are properly set up with a solid foundation to grow their education centre.

  • By helping our clients become more efficient, learning centres can accurately track revenues & through analytical reports, quickly optimize business decisions as to which subject or student actually earns them the most income or other critical factors. From our dashboard tab, an overlay of helpful information including immediate classes, active students, income levels or even outstanding payments help education centres really focus on their metrics. This objectivity gives them a competitive advantage to help them grow.

  • Yes, Engage+ is web-based software which means you are able to access the system anywhere in the world with internet.

  • EngagePlus was specifically designed multi lingual. Upon logging in, users are able to pick their language preference on the bottom right.

  • If you have any questions you can contact us through email at info@engageplus.io. You can also message us on WhatsApp us in the dedicated WhatsApp chatgroup to your centre. We are always here to answer any questions from Mondays – Fridays 11am -11pm (GMT +8)

  • Our data is hosted with Amazon Web Services. They are a highly secure, industry leading web service. To protect your data, we also have the following measures in place: Continuous Backup & Periodic Backups so that no data loss occurs. All our connections are encrypted with SSL and access to all data is password protected. You can be assured that your information will always be protected. We take the privacy of your data seriously and do not share your data with anyone.

  • EngagePlus allows you to import and export your own data freely within the system!

  • Great! Simply contact us, and then we will

    1. Be in touch to set up a time with you
    2. Visit your centre personally to understand your issues
    3. Help you with data migration
    4. Train your admin staff
    5. Open up your support groups