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How to Improve Communication at Your Learning Centre

Internal communications within a learning center can be quite challenging. As with any regular operation, conveying something efficiently and rapidly is difficult. In education, it can be even more challenging with the majority of your staff being occupied in a way that they cannot be interrupted for hours at a time. Couple that with irregular schedules, and you may never have a moment during the day at which 100% of your staff are available.

“So, send an email!” may be the obvious solution. But teachers often don’t have the time to check emails regularly, nor can administrators be expected to send emails with 100% clarity and efficiency. The information that has to be communicated is not only crucial to the quality of the education, but can also have real health and safety implications. For instance, young students are not able to self-monitor their exposure to their environment, meaning that there could be a case of a serious allergy that was clearly indicated by a parent to an admin, the admin then wrote the teacher an email, but then the teacher missed the email and could potentially expose the child to the allergen.

While this may—like many examples in educationappear hyperbolic or easily solved through more diligent communications, the reality is that it wasn’t that simple... until EngagePlus came along.

You see, EngagePlus is a cloud-based simple-to-use school management system that improves internal communication within your learning center. Parents have control over the accuracy of the information that is inputted because they can do it themselves. This will be distributed directly to the teachers in a safe and private manner. If an administrator is adding information to the system, the parent can check and amend it if needed. All of this occurs in real-time while being securely and immediately sent to the respective teachers. The EngagePlus ecosystem gives parents an element of control over their own account that, prior to this, has been sorely missed in the education sector.

With several levels of access throughout the learning center, sensitive information can be tightly controlled with records of changes being constantly logged. The element of human error is practically eliminated through the user-friendly UI, it is uncomplicated through the carefully crafted and intuitive UX, and any error that is made is easily accounted for, thus reducing the responsibility on the school and shifting it to a specific individual, which naturally facilitates and ensures several levels of self-checks and confirmations.


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