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看看我們的客人如何評價EngagePlus ! 我們協助不同類別的學習中心成功。即使是教畫畫、芭蕾舞、學術、運動或課後活動,我們肯定能讓你的業務成長!

PhD Classrooms



PHD Classrooms 的目標是透過富娛樂性但專業的方法來引導年輕一代更容易學習 STEAM及 學術科目的內容

Learning how to learn.  PHD Classrooms aims to inspire  younger generations in an entertaining yet professional way by providing a wide range of STEAM and academic courses for kids.







PHD Classrooms was founded by a group of PhDs led by Dr. Victor Hung. They offer a variety of courses, ranging from toy making, scientific experiments, 3D printing, computational 3D drawing and Lego modelling. They've been using EngagePlus to scale for several years.

'EngagePlus 是真正的多合一管理系統

PHD Classrooms 由 Dr Victor Hung 創辦。他們提供多種不同的課程,例如: 科學實驗、3D打印課程、玩具製造課程、樂高課程及3D電腦繪畫課程等等。 他們過去幾年亦是使用EngagePlus來拓展業務。

As per the EngagePlus experience, we visited Victor and his team to understand his painpoints and remapped and built functions to help him scale.  Victor took the opportunity to work with us in undertanding what was more important to scale the business and what functionalities were necessary. He had a very simple but complex problem. Business was good and he knew he should be scaling but for some reason, using a mix of Google calender and Excel just wasn't working for him and he found himself ironically drowned in admin work as he continued to grow the business.  ​  After consulting him and the team, we realized that a large majority of his issues could be automatically streamlined and hence proceeded to assist with his restructuring.  ​  Once this was done - we then proceeded to work on marketing tactics combined alongside our booking system as well as automatic payments, which has now catapulted PHD Classrooms into one of the most successful stories today in Hong Kong, with his new f






完成後,我們繼續研究營銷策略並把我們的預訂系統以及自動付款結合,這一連串的部署使 PHD Classrooms 成為其中一個於行內很出名的學習中心,他們的新旗艦店便是開設於銅鑼灣利園。



Combined with a good marketing funnel, allows for direct booking front to back so that you can let your business scalably run and grow whilst bookings, invoices and receipts are all taken care of automatically.​​


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