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That’s what I asked myself when I realized that one of the greatest barriers to a stellar performance in Hong Kong’s education system was its fragmentation. The ostensibly inefficient processes based on how it works certainly do not help, either. That was my motivation to create a technological platform that could tie it all together in a truly seamless way.

The education world most definitely makes for a tremendous market, but it’s a very inefficient one. After all, school A is in no way integrated with learning center B and parent C is struggling to keep up with how student D is doing in the process of using center A and B. Centers A and B struggle to keep attendance levels in check, payments are difficult to make and receive, and everyone loses just because the mechanism—which inevitably ends up being interconnected—isn’t design to flow.

Seeing it from the outside, I could easily understand how EngagePlus could greatly make a difference by making this system flow organically as an integrated circle. By collecting data and keeping it easily accessible in the cloud to all parties, EngagePlus is lifting the barriers that kept all sorts of relevant information from flowing into where it is needed. However, while it uses AI to smoothen and improve the process, EngagePlus does not just assume indicated courses of action based on passively collected data. Instead, each school and learning center is called to offer feedback that provides the strategic glue that brings it all together.

This is how processes are optimized, learning center operations are improved, learning and teaching experiences are made more engaging, and booking, cancelling, re-scheduling, paying and receiving payments for lessons become seamless steps that prevent waste of time and resources, and typical disorganization.

This is not just happening in Hong Kong. Although EngagePlus started there, several learning centers across Asia have been successfully using the system for the past three years. This is how importance begins to rhyme with efficiency in the critical universe where the minds that will shape the world’s tomorrow are today nurtured with high-quality, efficient and optimized learning experiences.

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