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Bringing Back the Fun Side of Schooling

It’s very hard to educate students if they’re bored to exhaustion or intimidated by an outdated education system that was devised before the hyper-tech-enabled world where young minds live every day. Getting students to memorize concepts, facts and principles without engaging them in a creative process that integrate what they learn with what they can relate to is a sure way to keep the soul out of the education process. And, let’s face it, soulless trained professionals will hardly feel inspired to create daring innovations and soulful solutions for the betterment of the world.

That’s why EngagePlus is so committed to bringing back fun and engagement to education.We want to help offer an e-learning experience that is engaging, gamified, repeatable and autonomous. At EngagePlus, we’re definitely committed to stimulating the natural curiosity of students by triggering their interest in an organic and truly effective way.

When I created EngagePlus, I knew it had to be geared towards the interests of the youth in our days while covering the themes that will only become even more important for them in the future. That’s why EngagePlus is working to make it easy for students to find coding, digital marketing, content creation, languages and other extra-curricular lessons that they actually find interesting—and that add real value to their academic, professional and personal lives.

I know from experience how my personal, educational and professional growth process only gained due to its flexibility. I was able to secure a successful career as an equities trader for a big bank just as I was able to see and jump into a spectacular opportunity in the cryptocurrency world. In the same way, I was bold enough to then jump into an edtech adventure that is making education better for all those who are involved in it. That comes through having fun with what one does because we can only be extremely successful if we enjoy what we’re successful at.

EngagePlus was founded by someone who was empowered by this spirit, so we can only be determined to empower others by the same spirit that will help them to innovate, disrupt and be bold in so many ways that will end up making the world a better place.


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