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The Virtues of an Education Operations Management System

Our most recent entry, “How EngagePlus Ties Right Into Hong Kong’s Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)”, highlighted several key ways in which EngagePlus is a great solution to Education businesses that want to move their services online. From online customer services and engagement, to creating a mobile point of sales, to being a cloud-based management system (for both a business and customer), our goal has always been to create a holistic solution for as many client-facing elements as possible.

EngagePlus is, however, an education operations management system, with ‘operations’ being the operative word. I’m writing to draw attention to some of the more subtle features in the system that have been helping education centers and schools to run more efficiently and, in many cases, save their businesses in this Covid-19 period.

EngagePlus is cloud-based, meaning that everything that happens within the system is safely protected and centralized in a server. With digital security being of the utmost importance to businesses and their customers, everyone involved should always trust that their information is safe. If you are a customer of a school, it is important that you ask where your sensitive information is stored. Is it sitting in-house in a server? Is it being uploaded to Dropbox? It is possible that the school doesn’t even know where the information is actually stored, how it’s retrieved, and by whom.

Everything that you do on EngagePlus is not happening locally on the school’s computer but is instead securely sent to most secure servers in the world owned and run by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is backed up every 10 minutes and everything that happens will be digitally fingerprinted, meaning that not only can the school know that their information is safe, but also trackable in the extremely unlikely event of a data breach.

Through EngagePlus, schools can save, upload, retrieve, and send documents by email or through our EngagePlusApp to any and all relevant recipients. While we don’t consider EngagePlus a remote document management platform, this function is built in to ensure that running your school can be done from anywhere, any time; even if you or your admin are not physically at the school. These remote access services are of increasing importance nowadays, especially with Covid-19 having forced everyone to re-think how and from where they will work.

With everything on the system being accessible remotely, schools have begun using EngagePlus as a virtual team management and communications tool. In a school, as with many other businesses, communication need not always be direct communication. Especially in a learning center with frequently changing classes, schedules, attendees, classrooms, and allocated teachers, a lot can be communicated by simply updating the teacher’s schedule and leaving a few key notes in the relevant class. In this way, many things can be communicated by simply leaving the information in a place that the teacher must check regularly. It’s handy, quick, uncomplicated, and essential.

Our goal at EngagePlus is to allow schools and learning centers to reduce the amount of time spent focusing on their administrative tasks and to spend more time on the customers and students. This has an important knock-on effect on the parents, who then get to spend more time focusing on their children and their education. The D-Biz Programme is part of Hong Kong’s attempt at ensuring that the wave caused by Covid-19 doesn’t get ahead of us. While we never had considered that EngagePlus would be helping schools stay at the cutting edge of operations in order to mitigate a pandemic, it has just so happened to have done that for our clients and their students. We’re very proud of it and we encourage any learning center or school owner to inquire about a free demo at


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