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How We’re Keeping Education Options Open for Parents and Students in Asia

Tutors play a crucial role in helping students to achieve higher grades and, even most importantly, to acquire knowledge in a better structured way. However, finding the best tutor for your child is not always the easiest undertaking.

You’re usually stuck with one or two learning centers or platforms that showcase what they have—which is not necessarily the best way to reach the best tutors. So you end up asking yourself: if nowadays you can find a platform that lets you compare and choose the best and most reasonably priced hotel, flight, car driver, restaurant, bed and breakfast, and who knows what else, how can it be so difficult to find more options to compare when you’re looking for a learning center?

EngagePlus was founded with the mission of making this as easy and effective as it should be. By creating the technology that empowers independent booking systems and aggregators of classes and learning centers, EngagePlus is effectively helping you to find the learning center that perfectly matches your children’s needs.

Locations, offerings, rankings, reviews and prices should be easily comparable criteria that you can find and examine in an all-in-one platform of this kind. In a transparent and quality-driven market for excellence in education, EngagePlus has been working to bring into the education world the convenience that the travel industry already offers. Plus, by facilitating the existing and truly precious service provided by these aggregators, we are bringing down the walls that thus far kept this process shady and less than perfect.

By doing so, EngagePlus is in many ways stimulating each learning center and tutor to bring out the best that they can do and offer since this market becomes open and competitive. As a parent, you choose the best for your children, and, as learning centers and tutors, each teaching agent strives to offer the best for your children. That’s how a quality experience for everyone involved is made possible simply by keeping more options open. That’s our mission as an Asian edtech innovator that wants to disrupt the education universe in the continent.


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